Learn about Home Rule for Boulder County.

The Symptom

The Plundering of Boulder County

Boulder County currently has a moratorium on fracking, not a permanent ban.  There are over 2000 oil and gas wells projected to be drilled in Boulder County.   The people have spoken loud and clear: "no fracking!" Our County Commissioners have admitted they have no power or authority to ban any industrial practice sanctioned by the state. And we are told repeatedly that the best we can hope for is a state law or ballot measure that will give us more "control" to better "regulate" the harm from these unwanted industrial projects.

The Cause

We have no legal authority to say "NO"

Boulder County's current statutory form of government makes our county a "child of the state" and subject to state laws which are being employed to force unwanted development on our community.  Our legal structure has given corporations the rights once reserved for "natural people" and has elevated corporate rights above the rights of humans. These corporate constitutional "rights" and claims of state preemption are used to legalize the corporate plunder of our communities. Thus, when faced with corporate exploitation, we do not have the authority to prohibit the unwanted activity to protect the economic and environmental sustainability of our community or our own property values, health, safety, welfare, and overall quality of life.

The Cure

Community Rights Home Rule Government

The state of Colorado has a constitutionally guaranteed process to alter our current statutory form of county government by adopting "home rule". The process of establishing community rights based home rule gives the people of Boulder County the legal framework to create a county charter, a local "constitution",  with which to enumerate and clarify our inalienable rights and through which we exercise our inherent right of local self-governance while establishing the authority to prohibit activities, such as fracking, that violate these rights.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can plugin to the process of establishing Home Rule in Boulder County.